Spend some time on season 9 of American Horror Story, out now on Netflix

Caya Craig, copy editor

With the recent COVID-19 worldwide spread and quarantine, now is the perfect time to curl up and binge-watch a new show. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s American Horror Story is the perfect option. Season 9 of American Horror Story is coming out on Netflix this Friday. Fans, including me, cannot wait to watch. American Horror Story came out on screens in 2011, and quickly caught fan’s attention as it features several different seasons, all based around a different horror story. As a horror fanatic myself, this show sparked my interest right away and I had to watch.

One of the reasons this show never ceases to amaze me is the unique storyline each season has. Season 2 of American Horror Story, Asylum, is my personal favorite out of the 8 seasons. The season features a young man, Kit Walker played by Evan Peters who is falsely accused of being a serial killer and is then sent to an insane asylum. What makes this season so great is the mini storylines being carely placed throughout each episode. The show introduces new distinct characters, each with their own background explored throughout the season. The story constantly keeps me entertained, at the edge of my seat, excited to see what happens next.

Season 9 of American Horror Story originally aired Sept. 9 2019, but Netflix has announced the release of the season on its streaming service next Friday and let’s just say I cannot wait to watch. The season takes place in California in 1984 and is extremely influenced by the iconic horror slasher movies. It follows a group of young adults, starring Emma Roberts, who spend their summer working at a reopened summer camp, while a serial killer is on the loose. The season has already sparked my interest as it is a modern remake of late slasher movies.

American Horror Story incorporates every aspect of a typical horror movie; jump scares, provoking a reasonable amount of fear and the element of surprise, while also including some sort of mystery and drama throughout. The show never leaves me uninterested, and I cannot wait for the release of this, and future seasons. If you have not already watched American Horror Story, and are looking for a show to keep you fearful to an extent, and thoroughly entertained, American Horror Story is the perfect option for you.