First time voters

Seniors stepping up to the polls

Katie Maraldo, Staff Writer

Mitch Evers, Grosse Pointe South ‘21

“I feel privileged that I am able to vote for my country and I’m able to decide the outcome of the election, especially because this election is one of the most important happening in my life. I made my vote for Biden because I believe that out of both candidates, he is the most qualified and trustworthy to lead our country. One of his policies I really like is that he is aiming for cheaper, and potentially free, healthcare, which is important for me as a type one diabetic. As medicine prices keep skyrocketing year by year, I worry that I will no longer be able to afford medicine that I need to live. I think the fact that Kamala Harris is his running partner is super influential because there has only ever been one minority as president (Obama), and the only time a woman has ever successfully ran for a position of power in the US government is when Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2016. It is important that we have more diversity in the government because more diversity leads to more opinions, and more opinions lead to more change in the country.”

Metairie Muldoon, Grosse Pointe South ‘21

“I think there definitely needs to be a change in government right now because what’s going on is unacceptable and we need political leaders who can actually respond responsibly to these serious situations. I’m voting for Biden and Harris, mainly for their healthcare plan and marriage for all plan. I do not agree with Amy Coney Barret’s induction at all because of her plan to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges (the gay marriage act) and Roe v. Wade (the women’s reproductive rights act.) Also, although I do not know much about Biden’s climate change plans, I do know that climate change is a huge issue right now and there needs to be a plan in place because I know that states like Florida are going to go underwater. I’m super excited to vote and it’s really important for the younger voters to get out and vote this election.”

Timmy Cleland, Grosse Pointe North ‘21

“I think that America’s current political climate is really scary because there’s a lot of fighting going on right now; 2020 has been a wild year, and everyone is pitted against each other and doesn’t seem to want to work together. I’m excited to vote this year because I think it’s a really great opportunity and I think that everyone who is of age should vote because it’s our civic duty, but you should definitely educate yourself first before going to the polls. I’m voting for Biden because I think that Trump’s rhetoric has been dividing the country even more. I support Biden’s tax plan over Trump’s because I think that Trump definitely favors the one percent more than the common man. When it comes to climate change, I like Biden’s plan a lot because it’s better than Trump’s in the sense that Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and I think climate change is one of the greatest issues, especially living around the Great Lakes. If we were in school, I would feel comfortable sharing my political beliefs because it’s good to talk about and it’s good to hear everyone’s views.”

Amanda Vogel, Grosse Pointe North ‘21

“I do not feel good about the current political climate in America because I feel like Trump has not been doing a good job of controlling Covid -19 and the racism going on in the country. I think it’s really cool that my first time voting is for a major presidential election and that I’m older than most people in my grade, so I get the chance to vote and voice my opinion. I’m voting for Biden because I think that even though he’s not the best candidate, he will do a way better job at things like controlling Covid-19 and all the other things Trump has failed to do. I think it’s important that Biden has a climate change plan because pollution is at an all-time high and there are a lot of climate-related issues going on that we need to control, and Trump has not been doing a good job with that. I think climate change is a really big factor when we vote because we need a good, safe and healthy environment for everyone because it is our future. I encourage everyone to go vote!”