Senior night faces changes with Covid

Zach Farrell '21, supervising editor

For Senior athletes around the country, like girl’s varsity golf captain Peyton Lancaster ’21, this was a tough season. She and her teammates faced a roller coaster of ever-changing regulations regarding safety protocols, and feared that they wouldn’t be able to experience their last season at all.

However, according to Varsity Field Hockey coach Jessie Rouleau, she, and many other coaches have been able to keep spirits on her team-high by finding ways to honor seniors in new ways to make her senior athlete’s last season one to remember.

“We had a Senior night game at South last week (against the) Greenhills – it was special thanks to parent participation and a couple senior parents who helped plan the night,” Rouleau said “They couldn’t play for many spectators, but they had a special 15 minute half time, (and) a custom printed senior program with photos and interviews with all 12 seniors. They also had fatheads, flowers, a cookie… and the junior players made them each a poster to hang on the fence with pictures, signatures (and)notes.”

Cross-country captain Charlie Rulison ’21 also said that his coaches have been hard at work to try to uphold as much of the traditional senior honors as possible, within reason.

“Our team at the end of every year celebrates the seniors with a picnic, where the coaches talk about each kid, their achievements, and the world they have put in over the past few years, Rulison said “We are still doing that, and even though it will be a little different this year, I’m looking forward to (it).”

Both Lancaster and Rulison agree that these small events have had a huge impact on team morale, especially among seniors.

“Considering the current situation with COVID, I think I still had a great season filled with some amazing memories,” Lancaster said. “I think a large part of that is just due to having a great group of teammates to spend that time with.”

Positivity, above all else, is of the utmost importance for seniors this season, according to Rouleau. She says that she is proud of how the athletes on her team have reacted to the new changes, and instead of feeling discouraged, made the most of their final season.

“Our team goal this season is to give 110 percent and to stay positive,” Rouleau said. “We were flexible and hopeful from the beginning,despite some disappointments around not knowing if we were going to compete at all (or) not able to enjoy key team traditions this year. Their ability to adapt, persevere and continue to perform and grow as players are life skills that will make these players even more prepared for their future.”