ACT cancellation poses problems for seniors

Bridget Doyle '21, Copy Editor


On Sept. 12, the ACT offered their September test to students in need of a standardized test score. However, several Grosse Pointe South students showed up to Western International High School to take the test, only to find the test was cancelled.

According to Liam Kaiser ’21, he arrived at the testing location on time, but the building was locked.

“No instructors showed up (to the school),” Kaiser said. “(I was) disappointed because I felt pretty ready.”

Dianne Dollison ’21, who was also supposed to test at Western International High School, said there was no warning ahead of time, despite the list of cancellations on the ACT website.

“The most frustrating part is that (ACT) didn’t say anything previous to the test date and left us without a test date so close to the college application season, leaving us to wait and take the test (at a later date),” Dollison said. “(The cancellation) adds more pressure to try and get a better score.”

According to Lily Konkey ’21, this ACT was her fifth cancelled test. As a result, Konkey said she hasn’t been able to test, leaving her without a score to submit.

“I’ve been emailed (regarding cancellations before), but this time I didn’t find out until I was waiting in line at the test center for an hour,” Konkey said. “The ACT organization doesn’t seem to be taking (these cancellations) seriously. They aren’t taking calls and leaving emails and questions unanswered.”

Dollison, who had taken the ACT previously in Dec. 2019, said she had spent months preparing for the September ACT, resulting in feelings of disappointment and anger.

“It was annoying that I woke up early and showed up, and no one said anything about a cancellation,” Dollison said. “I definitely think I would’ve done better the second time around taking the ACT so I think (the cancellation) limited my chances to show colleges a better score and representation (of myself) as a student.”

Although Kaiser plans to retake his ACT on Oct. 17, he now feels rushed to get an ACT score back before the early acceptance college application deadline, Nov. 1.

“(My biggest fear) is not knowing if I will have my scores back to me (by November),” Kaiser said. “I am not sure if the next test I signed up for will send my scores in time.”

According to Konkey, she believes her college applications will be negatively impacted without an ACT score.

“This heavily frustrates me as I am a senior and I wanted the ACT for my college applications,” Konkey said. “I think my applications are going to be more bare without an ACT test score, which might affect my ability to get into the college of my choice.”