Michigan Stay at Home order extended to May 28: what it means

Becca Koch '22, Staff Writer

Michigan’s stay at home order, which was due to expire on May 15, was extended to May 28 by Governor Gretchen Whitmer on May 7. Whitmer also announced a 6 phase plan to help reopen Michigan’s economy and day to day activities.

Currently, Michigan is in the third phase of the plan, after uncontrolled growth and persistent spreading of coronavirus have passed. Whitmer will use the plan to help guide the reopening of business and relaxing of social distancing orders. The third phase has “reopened construction, reopened manufacturing in the coming week,” Whitmer said in a press conference on May 7.

“In this phase we can permit outdoor activities with distancing in place with distancing
maintained,” Whitmer said. “We know that even in this phase we are still safer at home. While we can re-engage in more things we’ve got to be smart about it. “

Whitmer defended her actions in the attempt to stop the spread of the virus. She has faced criticism for the rigorous restrictions placed on residents of Michigan.

“Abandoning the science and safety measure would expose us to a second wave that could possibly dwarf the one that we’ve been through and squander our hard work,” Whitmer said. “As we proceed all the decisions we have been made to lower that possibility of a second wave.”