“The Red Hook” coffeehouse provides vegan and gluten-free options and great atmosphere

Mary Fannon '21, Page Editor

Quaint and quirky are the two words that describe the small and beautifully decorated cafe located in Detroit; The Red Hook. Walking into this eatery, the smells of coffee and pastries filled my nose and the colorful murals painted on the ceiling caught my eye. When I finally chose what I was going to eat from brunch, I sparked a conversation with the cashier. He was very bubbly and interesting to talk to and overall made my experience that much more enjoyable. After the chit chat, I finally ordered both of their house americano brew styled coffees and homemade quiche.
I sat down at one of the small booths and waited for my food. It was during this time that I was able to appreciate the intricate interior design of the cafe. It’s a little hippie but still has some modern structure. This made for a very relaxing and calming aura that could be read throughout the restaurant’s crowd.
After about 10 minutes, my order was ready. I dug into the refreshing quiche and immediately fell in love. The zucchini and sweet tomatoes in addition to the warm egg made for a heavenly combination that everyone should be able to enjoy. My favorite part of this classic dish was the crust, which was clearly crafted to perfection as it was crisp and crunchy.
Next, I dove into the coffee. This was actually my first time trying an americano style coffee and I loved it. Being espresso and hot water, the strong drink went perfectly with the delicate egg dish. I once again was thoroughly impressed, especially all for such a cheap price.
Leaving this cafe wasn’t too hard only because I know I will be coming back very shortly to try all their other delicacies. The Red Hook should be at the top of everyone’s list to attend!