Put passion into your classes

Aaron Vyletel '21, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Aaron Vyletel ’21

Everyone’s path is different in high school and the one you follow is completely your choice. When it comes to picking classes students are given a lot of leeway and freedom to choose at will. Even the core classes can be manipulated to tailor directly to you.

Challenging yourself is very important for personal growth and bettering problem-solving skills. Many will argue that taking easier classes to obtain a higher grade is the best way to promote yourself and help get into the school of your choice. Others say taking as many AP and honors classes as possible are the smartest ways to showcase your work ethic and ability. I disagree with both of these ideas.

The best way for you to pursue your own personal interest is to take the classes that you are most passionate about and interested in. Starting to narrow down your interests not only makes choosing the right college best for you but can also shape the right career path. If you aren’t interested in anything then try all different categories of classes or hobbies until you find one that seems to suit you.

A common misconception people have with college is when they always choose the best college they got into, rather than focusing on what college is the right one for them. With such a wide variety of classes and opportunities, it is inevitable that you will be able to find a couple of classes or subjects that genuinely interest you.

There are certain situations where a certain class, typically a core class, is required. In these instances, you are given a small choice of taking honors or the regular path so there is some room for individuality. In these cases, taking the class that you honestly believe will be the right fit for you regardless of others input will make you happiest and potentially more successful

Classes are not the only thing that will go into your school life and academics. There are clubs and sports you can participate in that have resources and opportunities to better your knowledge of subjects. By taking business or science clubs it can directly translate over to that class. Some clubs also offer tutoring if you need help which can then better your grades.

There are four years of high school to figure out a lot about yourself in order to succeed in college and beyond. A lot goes into these years including sports, classes, and relationships. Finding any way possible to mold these years to be completely your own is important, and critical to your future.