South dominates North during “North sweep week”

Mia Craparotta '22, Staff writer

Winning is always great, but beating Grosse Pointe North always brings a different type of energy and feeling of success to students at South.

Last week, South came together to cheer each other on in a successful “North sweep week” where multiple sports teams from South beat their biggest rival, North High School. South’s Junior Varsity and Varsity football, Varsity volleyball, and Varsity field hockey all put in their best efforts to successfully beat North, according to junior Katherine Bsharah.

“The best part about winning is just knowing that we came together as a team to make a win happen,” Bsharah ‘21 said. “Winning isn’t always the main factor, but having fun with your team and playing as a whole.”

According to Jack Hall, ‘22 playing against North was not nerve-racking because there are other teams that are better and more competitive towards South..

“I think our team definitely felt some pressure due to the fact that we were going against our rival,” Bsharah ‘21 said.

Due to South playing North, and all of these games being very important, Tristan Davis ‘22 said that more students came to support in the student section.

“People want to see us beat them, no matter what sport so they come to support us,” Davis said. “Having a large student section like that motivates us to play our hardest.”

According to Hall winning is always good and felt even better when South won a rival game. Hall knew there was a good chance of South beating North in all of the sports.

“I thought south would win every game,” Davis said, “Our teams seemed better on paper and they all came out on top.”