Babo brings fun, upscale dining to Midtown Detroit, lacks in service

Eleni Tecos '22, Copy Editor

Just around the corner from the DIA awaits the new restaurant, Babo. Intimate and pristine, Babo draws in customers with its charming, yet upscale dining experience.

Outside of the restaurant, Babo was appealing to the eye with its minimalistic exterior. Though a bit lacking in terms of outdoor decor, the design was clean and didn’t overload the senses. 

The inside of the restaurant made up for the somewhat bland exterior with its artistically polished appearance, featuring white walls and marble floors, paired with an expansive flower mural and replicas of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and other established artists. Along with the incredible visual aspects, upbeat music played in the background, giving Babo a bubbly atmosphere.

The view from inside of Babo, located on East Kirby Street in downtown Detroit.

As my mom and I sat down, we were immediately greeted by our waitress and made our drink orders. My mom ordered an Ultra Violet ($4), a lavender lemonade with fresh berries, and I ordered an Iced Chai Tea Latte ($5). Our drinks were brought very quickly, however, I found myself disappointed with the chai– it was very milky and tasted more like flavored milk than spices. Additionally, the waitress forgot to bring a straw for my drink even after I asked.

Next, my mom and I shared an appetizer of Truck Fries ($6), which comprised of shoestring fries, truffle salt, parmesan and garlic aioli. They were delicious– the fries were crispy, and the combination of salt and garlic aioli gave them a nice kick. On top of the exploding flavors, the parmesan on top was gooey and creamy, reeling us back in every time we thought we could curb the temptation.

Despite the fantastic fries, I was a bit put off by the waitress cleaning up a mess from a previous customer by our table. 

Following the Truck Fries, my mom and I ordered our respective main courses, a Harvest Bowl ($11) and Tres Tacos ($8). My chicken tacos came with sides of guacamole, pico de gallo and pickled onions, all of which added some much-needed zest to the dish. The tacos on their own were dry, but the sides were fresh and made the meal tangy and tasty.

the colorful Harvest bowl

Afterward, we ordered macarons ($7), which seemed to irritate our waitress. Despite this, the macarons were incredible. They came in an assortment of flavors and each one had its own unique flavor and texture. They may be the best macarons I’ve ever had.

Overall, Babo is an excellent restaurant with great prices and a fun atmosphere– perfect for anyone interested in cheaper upscale dining. However, the service could use some work in order to make customers feel desired at the restaurant. I would rate Babo four out of five stars.