All smiles for decision day

South Senior discusses her plans to attend Michigan State University in the fall


Emma Kniivila ’19 poses on the front lawn for decision day with Mary Malbouef ’19. Kniivila will be studying organic chemistry. Photo courtesy of Emma Kniivila ’19.

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Web Editor

Decision Day can bring  lots of joy to the senior class, as they share their college choices and get ready for the excitement their next few years in their life. It is a day for the senior class to prepare and get excited for their last month of high school.

Emma Kniivila ‘19 was among the dozens of seniors spread out on the front lawn smiling, laughing, and posing to take pictures with their friends in front of the tower and the windows of Cleminson Hall before school on Wednesday.

Kniivila will be attending Michigan State University in East Lansing next year and is excited for all the new opportunities her college experience and education will hold for her after high school.

“I chose to go to Michigan State because I love the big school atmosphere,” Kniivila said.

Kniivila is not only excited to be a Spartan and enjoy the atmosphere of Michigan State, but is also excited to attend a school that will put on the right track for her major.

“I’m going into organic chemistry for pre-med,” Kniivila said, “ They (Michigan State University) have a lot of opportunities there with the different majors and the different colleges you can go into a specific major.”

Besides pursuing a career in organic chemistry on the premedical track, Kniivila is looking to have some fun and  make some memories outside of the classroom.

“I’m most excited for meeting new people and going to all the different science classes even though that sounds super nerdy,” Kniivila said.

As she stands with her friends and classmates on the lawn of South this decision day, Kniivila is smiling, as she is excited for the years to come at Michigan State University.