Boys lacrosse team is hopeful for a great season

Keegan Spitz '20, Staff Writer

As winter turns to spring, and the fields are clear of snow, spring sports season is upon athletes  meaning the varsity lacrosse season is here. The team has begun practice and will play their first two games on Wednesday, March 20 and Friday, March 22.

“I am excited for the season to start,” Charles Ulbrich ’20 said. “I think we are going to be good this year, and we have big games on Wednesday and Friday this week. I cannot wait to see how it goes.”

Team captain Mickey Kuchta ’19 is aware  this is his last season wearing the South uniform and he would like to make the most of his final season.

“It is my senior year so it is my last sport that I will play at South,” Kuchta said. “I just want leave everything out on the field that I can, and make sure I put all my effort forth to make the team as good as I possibly can.”

With all of the excitement for the season, there also comes expectations. After being on the team last year, Kuchta is hoping to have a better regular season and advance farther in the playoffs than last year’s team.

“I want to make it farther than we did last year,” Kuchta said. “Last year we lost in the first round of playoffs. We also lost a lot of close games, so I would like to finish the close games off and not end up losing by one goal. I want to pull away and beat the teams we could not last year.”

Stuart Standish ’20 also shares those goals and hopes to have a strong season.

“I am hoping for this year’s team to go far into the playoffs, and has a good regular season,” Standish said.

Kutcha is honored to be a captain and has embraced the role as being the team leader. He said he wants his passion to rub off on the rest of the team.

“It is a really nice privilege to be recognized as the leader by your coach,” Kuchta said. “I want to translate that leadership to the rest of the team, and I want to be motivated and a good role model for the rest of my teammates.”

Standish ’20 wants to get the season underway, as he cannot wait to begin the regular season. He also believes this year’s team is going to be something special and has high hopes for the team’s success.

“The team is very anxious for the season to start,” Standish said. “We have a great group of boys and we are going to start off strong and have a good season.”