The season of giving

Students fill this season with acts of kindness.


Graphic by Eva McCord ’21.

Tower Editorial Board

The holidays are often referred to as the season of giving. We at The Tower believe South students helped make this into a reality.

South offered many opportunities to be generous during December. This week’s Holiday Spirit Week run by Student Association and the students councils encouraged students to make cards for elementary children with serious illnesses during both lunches on Monday and Tuesday. Our student government also facilitated Adopt A Family, which helped families in the area with their Christmas shopping. Interact Club made cards as well, which went to Services For Older Citizens. Still underway is National Honor Society’s sock drive for Courageous Souls, a non-profit organization started by Elizabeth Sheeren ’18 that provides socks to children in hospitals.

Many of us are very fortunate for the lives that we live, and there are others who do not get to live the same lives that we do. We at The Tower believe that it’s important to recognize this, and to make efforts during the holiday season to help those in need. We’re proud of the many ways South students gave back during this holiday season. Through classes and student-led clubs, we believe that South successfully gave back to the community.

These good acts don’t have to be over yet. There are still ways to help during the holidays outside of school. Volunteering at soup kitchens or hospitals can give someone much-needed joy during this season. Donating clothes is also a great way to give back; winter clothing such as hats, coats and gloves that some do not have access to is needed for the cold weather. Food drives and donating money is helpful as well. Get family or friends together, or even do these things independently. Whether it’s giving your time or items, we believe everyone is capable of making a difference during the holidays.

While it’s wonderful how generous we are during this time of year, we at The Tower believe that such generosity shouldn’t be confined just to December. We heavily encourage giving back during this time of year, but the emphasis seems to die down once the festivities are over. Those less fortunate than as face adversities no matter the time of year, and thus they deserve our attention and compassionate all the time.

There are special ways you can be helpful during the holidays, whether that be caroling, making cards or help fund a family’s Christmas. Other forms of assistance are always needed and appreciated. Any sort of volunteer work can make a difference in someone’s life. Going out of your way at a soup kitchen, food drive or hospital is just an important in the months to come as it is now. There are several close organizations students can go to, including Services For Older Citizens, Crossroads, Gleaners, Summer In The City, Tau Beta Association and others in Grosse Pointe and Detroit.

It’s amazing all the ways South students gave back during the holidays. This generosity shouldn’t be forgotten going into the new year.