The bread, the butter and why saving pays off

Staffer reflects on the cost of saving

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Web Editor

When I was eight years old I bought my very own bike. As soon as I saw it in the store, with its blue pattern and white base I saved every penny, I knew I had to get that bike. When I went to the bike store counter with bags full of crinkled dollar bills and loose change I was proud of what was to  this day I still ride the same bike with the same joy I did back when I first got it years ago. Today, saving money is still as important to me as it was years ago.

For the past year, I have been saving and putting money aside to pay for a trip to Europe with my friends. To save money for this trip I have not only worked extra but have also gone out of my way to pick up babysitting jobs to make sure I would have enough money.

I’ve always saved my money. I’ve never been a frivolous spender. Even now I occasionally go out to lunch, but most of the time I just because I would rather have my money going towards something meaningful that I know will go to use.

Saving money is a life skill that is important to have and is important to me. It’s essential once you leave the protected world of your parents and enter the real world. Especially once you just figure out your place in the world, it is crucial to know how to appropriately use your money.

It’s a lifelong skill to be able to save money and have money put aside and be able to use at a later time. It is good to have extra money put aside in case you need it for an emergency or if something comes up.

Saving money is important because it helps you to learn how to appropriately manage your money. Instead of wasting money on clothes all the time when you save your money you think about putting that money towards more meaningful things like your future.

Although saving money isn’t always easy with the pressures of your conscious wanting and telling you to buy new stuff it is key to having a successful and good future.

When you have that sudden urge and guilt to buy those new shoes in the front window of the store, think of the long-term investment of that money and if the shoes are really worth it at the end of the day.