First man impresses at the box office

First Man was released to theatres on Oct. 12. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

‘First Man” was released to theatres on Oct. 12. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Morgan Skaff '21, Copy Editor

“First Man” is a new movie about the story of how the first man made it to the moon. It showed what the trip was like as one of the astronauts, so it felt as if the viewer had experienced the trip. It came out on Oct. 12, and followed Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling)’s story about what it was like for him to go to the moon and the impact it had on his family.


The movie was engaging the whole time. There wasn’t much shown about the math or science behind how the spaceship was able to go to the moon which was good because that would have made the audience uninterested and bored. There were emotional and action packed scenes which kept the audience engaged the whole time.


The movie started off with Armstrong and another astronaut going into space, but not all the way to the moon. This first trip was sort of like a test trip to see if everything was going as planned. They came back to the Earth, but Armstrong had to think quickly to make that happen. While watching this scene, viewers may be on the edge of their seats because of all the anticipation and action going on.


There were personal scenes of Armstrong’s life too. He had young children, including a daughter who died at a young age. Seeing the emotional parts of the movie kept me interested. Armstrong’s wife’s emotions are also shown and we get to see what she is feeling while her husband is in outer space.


Armstrong was a quiet and humble guy. He was modest about the huge accomplishments he made for the world. He never bragged to his family or friends of how special he was for going up to space. The humble and quiet side of Armstrong was always shown.


Three astronauts were finally launched up into space. There were some struggles along the way, but they did reach the moon. Armstrong has an emotional moment about his daughter while he was on the moon.


While staying interesting the whole time, the movie was long, having a running time of two hours and 20 minutes.


Overall, this film would get a 4.5 out of 5 stars because the action and emotion kept the audience engaged. The movie was very long though, but the content was interesting and intriguing.