Asian-American Students Club: A Cultural Experience For All


Photo by Katie Cherven ’20

Katie Cherven '20, Copy Editor

The new Asian-American students club is, in essence, a cultural sharing and exchange program at South.

“We talk about pressing topics or, if you are an Asian-American student, what kinds of experiences have you had-any negative ones or positive ones,” teacher advisor Stephen Kim said. “It’s things that people want to bring to the table to talk about to enrich everyone else’s experiences.”

Club member Naomi Ozormoor ’20 echoed similar sentiments; she is excited to start discussions about Asian culture and current events with other students.

“I know that there’s such a small Asian population here,” Ozormoor said. “I’ve never really found my niche.”

According to Ozormoor, all students of all races are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the meetings and events put on by the club.

“Our conversations are going to be really fun, we have food, we have forms of entertainment from Asian culture, we discuss a lot and it’s very open,” Ozormoor said.

Members of the club feel accepted and embrace the diversity of the South students who congregate through the club.

“I love clubs that celebrate diversity and the beauty in differences, and this club does that,” club member Troye Aho ’20 said.

The club welcomes any South student who is open to learning about Asian-American culture and identity in a fun and social way.

“It’s going to just be a safe environment where everyone can learn about each other,” Aho said.

While Kim says the club doesn’t have a true mission statement or driving force, he believes in the club’s position to facilitate cultural exchange at South.

“(The purpose of the club) is to learn and share experiences of what it’s like to be Asian-American,” Kim said. “It’s really just an open sharing experience.”

The club is led by club president Navya Chamiraju ’20. The next meeting date is Monday, Oct. 8.