Norma G’s guarantees an exceptional experience

The back patio at Norma Gs restaurant in Detroit. Photo by Jacob Harris 21.

The back patio at Norma G’s restaurant in Detroit. Photo by Jacob Harris ’21.

Jacob Harris '21, Web Manager

From food truck to Detroit Caribbean restaurant, Norma G’s opened up August 16th on Jefferson in Detroit. The restaurant contains an indoor bar, with seating inside and a well-decorated patio outside.


Norma G’s has a great curb appeal, with a colorful inside, fully visible from the sidewalk. The outdoor patio was very creative, with very nice landscaping around the tables. It was well fenced-in, with a view of Jefferson. On the patio, the lighting was great, even when the sun went down. The Caribbean music that was played added a great feel to the meal.  


Although the menu was small, there is a little something for everyone. The Jerk Chicken Sliders are great for the picky eater, as well as well-priced. For a special treat, the plantains are excellent, and are a great taste of Caribbean cultural foods.  


The service that Norma G’s offers is very fast, as my meal was ready in less than 10 minutes. The waiter was very nice, and was always lingering around the tables to see if anything was needed.


The visual appeal for the food was great, as it is served looking like a meal out of a picture. Everything is nice and neat on the plate, and very neatly arranged. For a new restaurant, I was surprised about their attention to detail, especially on something as overlooked as the visual presentation of the food.


After the meal, the payment method was very simple and fast, as all you had to do was swipe a credit card into their device. This is very convenient not having to wait for a bill, as all tips and payment methods are included on their tablets. After asking for boxes for the food, the waiter had them to the table immediately, which is very helpful in case you are in a hurry.


Norma G’s is a great place to go for a quick, but tasty sit-down meal. The atmosphere is one-of-a-kind, and the fantastic service and, most importantly, great food all ensure a great experience at this new restaurant close to home.