20 years at Grosse Pointe South

Navya Chamiraju '20, Staff Writer

Kit Aro has worked at Grosse Pointe South for 20 years, as an art and formerly German and English teacher.

She has taught her students many art and life skills throughout her teaching career and continues to better her students’ work, according to Ada Marotzke ’20, drawing and painting student.

After 20 years of hard work, according to Lauren Reno ’20, drawing and painting student, Aro is retiring and taking a break from teaching Art.

“She is retiring, and she told us on Monday, which was shocking to a lot of her classes especially the upper level students,” Reno said.

According to Aro, a lot of things have changed since she first started working here at South.

“There are too many priorities now that take my time and attention from my true top priority (now)–student learning and my role as the person charged with creating opportunities for that learning and growth,” Aro said.

Throughout her time here, the class sizes have grown which has affected Aro’s teaching, according to Marotzke.

“She likes teaching, she has fun with it, but I think she has so many kids in her classes all the time sometimes there’s too many of us,” Marotzke said.

Aro has a highly developed skill set according to Reno. Reno said Aro has taught her students many of these useful skills that have improved her students’ work.

“She knows her stuff, she knows a lot of mediums, techniques you can use, she’s pretty good, but we have four levels in our class so she is very split amongst the bunch of us so she always has to do a ton of different things,”  Marotzke said.

According to Marotzke, Aro is not only well-skilled but is also compassionate and comforting.

“She is always comforting and helps me fix my mistakes,” Marotzke said.

According to Reno, Aro is involved in her students progress and works with them closely and carefully.

“She always wants to push her art students as far as they can in order to better their art, she is set in stone in the way she teaches,” Reno said. “(But) she keeps you in a rhythm while also allowing you to expand on new creative ideas.”

Aro’s teaching style is not liked by everyone but has taught everyone something, according to Reno.

“She lectures a lot but otherwise is nice and very open to your creative opinion as long as you follow the guidelines of the assignment,” Reno said.

Aro hopes that everyone will receive the same experience she received at while teaching and studying at South.

“I grew up here and attended GPPSS from kindergarten to graduation. It has been my privilege to give back to the community that provided me with an outstanding education,”  Aro said. “I pray that future generations receive the gift I received from this community–a rigorous academic experience from a system that values its human heart–teachers and students–above all else.”