Three years, 81 issues, 567 hours, thousands of memories


Ray Hasanaj ‘18, Supervising Editor

    One of the biggest parts of my time at South was being apart of the Tower. I have made countless memories in Tower, and it has been one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I’ve had in high school.

    My journalism career began in seventh grade. Back in middle school, “honors” journalism was known as a fun, blow-off class, where you didn’t really have to do much to get a good grade. The teacher was laid back and all my friends took it.

    Today, I am the supervising editor at large of the Tower. For some reason, journalism stuck with me and I have been pursuing it since seventh grade. I always knew I wasn’t going to go into journalism when I am older, but I think the social aspect behind it is what kept me doing it for seven years.

    My time on Tower has been very well spent and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I decided to write my senior column about Tower because, while struggling for an idea, I realized this would be the last thing I’d ever write for the paper again and that my time on staff is quickly coming to an end.

    My career on staff did not begin until sophomore year as a page editor, but I spent freshman year in Honors J, where I met Mr. “Satt-earth-wait” and was taught all I know about journalism today.

    Mr. Satt made journalism interesting and enjoyable and made me look forward to the class. I entered my sophomore year on staff as a page editor, along with JJ and Liz. The three of us were the only people in our grade on staff to hold an editor position. We spent a lot of time together and became very close through deadlines and other editor events.

    Junior year, I became the supervising editor of page editors and I got to work with more of my friends as they also became editors. I was able to better my leadership and journalism skills while making more memories with my friends. This year, I found that I have really been able to focus less on myself as a journalist, but instead on helping first year and younger staff members better themselves.

    One thing I love about having a leadership position on Tower is getting to help others and relaying to them what I have learned. In addition, I get to lead my own class and it is something I look forward to everyday.

    Being on the leadership team the last two years has been very important to me and advantageous. It has made me a better leader and communicator while also teaching me what it is like to work with others on something serious and important to each other.

    As Tower is coming to an end, I’m beginning to look back and recall all the great memories and people I’ve met. I’ll never forget Satt, who is one of my favorite teachers and people ever. If not for Satt and Honors J freshman year with him, I can’t say that I would’ve pursued Tower.

    In addition to Satt, I am thankful for the relationship I have developed with Liz and Jack John over the past three years. I have spent the majority of high school working closely with them after school and as editors and I am very happy to have been able to have so many memories on staff with them.

    With my time on Tower coming to a close, it is a little unbelievable and scary that this is the last issue I will ever PDF again. This will be my last deadline ever and the last time my name is published in the Tower as a member of the staff.

    I will miss all those deadlines that I’ve gone to and taken my time there for granted. The 12-hour school days on Mondays and late nights. Being the last person on a computer at 7:30, tirelessly final checking all the pages before sending them in to be printed.

    My life in high school revolved a lot around Tower and being a part of it is most likely the best decision I made in high school. I’m very upset Tower is coming to an end and I’ve had an awesome three years on staff. I’m extremely thankful to everyone who’s made the experience great and added to the great memories over the last few years.