My view: Black Mirror is a binge-worthy Netflix series

Harper McClellan '18, Staff Writer

Virtual reality, cloning, 24/7 monitoring and mind reading are just a few things that you can find in this season of Black Mirror. Imagine if Twilight Zone grew up. Black Mirror has finally come back for a fourth season and it’s more twisted than ever. Each season has around five episodes, ranging from 41-89 minutes. This science fiction and binge-worthy series creates a new reality with a new cast every episode. Which makes every episode into its own short film, different from the last.

This season starts out strong with the episode ‘USS Callister. Begining with computer programmer, Robert Daly, who is seemingly at first the protagonist of this episode. A new worker starts there and begins to notice Robert’s fellow employees pushing him around. In response to his fellow coworkers, Robert creates his own virtual reality straight out of 80s star trek, to escape his own reality.

It’s interesting to watch how the different advancements in technology were actually disadvantages to the characters. Also, it’s scary to think how similar these different stories are to reality. In one episode called ‘Arkangel’, the mom monitors her daughter through a new software a little too closely and it ends up bad.

Watching more than one episode of Black Mirror at a time will make you obsessively aware of every time you open a Snapchat or scroll through Instagram. If you’re looking for a show to provoke endless discussion, this is the show for you. This season ends with the episode ‘Black Museum’. Which was one of my favorites. It subtly incorporates all the episodes from the fourth season into the last episode in a very eerie way.  

Each episode ends with a plot twist that leaves its viewer speechless. After each episode, I cannot wait to see what dark turns the next one brings. Each episode is thought out perfectly and keeps you captivated until the end. I definitely recommend this series, it is streamable on Netflix. If you are looking for a series that makes you question how much technology influences our everyday lifestyle, you should definitely check out Black Mirror.