Best places to see holiday lights

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Staff Writer

Edsel and Eleanor Ford House

Prior to and during the Christmas season, the large Ford Estate can be seen decorated with an abundance of bright and beaming festive lights. The entirety of the estate is illuminated. From the gate and the tall arches, lights can even be seen dangling from the trees. Every year the Ford Estate is a sight to see because it is always decorated so perfectly with blue and white lights. The Ford House hosts several events during the holiday season to give all people in the area an opportunity to see their wonderful Christmas lights. The Ford House has events related to the Christmas Season. For more information about these events at the Ford House go to

Campus Martius

Campus Martius, located in the center of downtown Detroit, is always decorated beautifully for the holiday season. The skating rink is surrounded by bright and gleaming lights, as well as the traditional tall and colorful Christmas tree. So while gliding in circles around the ice rink, one can enjoy the beautiful scenery of all the holiday lights in the center of downtown Detroit.

Lakeshore Drive

All photos courtesy of Mlynarek ’19

Driving down Lakeshore when it is dark outside during the month of December is always enjoyable. It is incredible how many houses get into the Christmas season along the stretch between Fisher Rd and The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club. The house on the corner of Moross Rd near Grosse Pointe Farms Pier Park is truly a sight to see. Every year, that house is covered from the ground to the tallest trees in bright, colorful, obnoxious Christmas lights.