Varsity volleyball team wins districts

Imran Siddiqui, Copy Editor

The volleyball team served, set and spiked to a big victory; after a long season, South’s varsity volleyball squad became district champions by defeating Cass Tech high school, a formidable opponent, according to captain Charlotte Brecht ’19.  

The district finals took place on Nov. 2, and in five sets the team won 3-2.

Photo courtesy of Ally Macleod ’19

“I was super proud of everybody, even though we won districts five years in a row, this team, CassTech, was probably one of the harder teams we played in the district so far. They really stepped it up this year, and they were an impressive team.” Brecht said. “Everybody put a lot of heart into the game. I’m happy we won.”

According to captain Cindy Hogan ’19, the season started out slow, and the group could have improved their initial league record.

“Our season was interesting,” Hogan said. “There were a lot of ups and downs, and our league record wasn’t as good as we had hoped.”

The early faults could be chalked up to a lack of camaraderie between the players, Brecht said. There were a lot of new players on the varsity squad this year.

“We lost some really key players from last year. We had to work with a lot of new people and a lot of the team changed positions,” Brecht said. “We were brand new team compared to last year; it was a little rocky at times, but we were able to come together really well.”

This year was the first time Shannon Kerr ’20 was on the varsity squad. She was proud of their efforts, but thought the team could improve by being more cohesive.

“We did really well this year, but I want our team to get better,” Kerr said. “I think the teamwork could be even better.”

All three girls agreed the volleyball team put their all into the district finals; that was the cause of their triumph. They said they are ready for next year’s season.

I definitely think all the heart we put into the game is one of our biggest strengths,” Brecht said. “The passion we have for the sport has increased as the season has gone on.”