South girls share their homecoming spirit week outfits

Isabella Craparotta '19, Staff Writer

Freshmen: Katherine Bsharah ‘21

“My favorite part about spirit day was all the excitement going throughout the whole school, (and) also seeing everyone getting all dressed up for their special day.”


Sophomore: Jordan Zak ‘20

“My bucket hat is my favorite part of my outfit.”


Junior: Nicole Sceglio ‘19

“My outfit is Moana from the new Disney movie “Moana”. My outfit fits the theme well because it is a Disney movie and our theme is Disney Juniors.”


Senior Ava Boutrous ‘18

“My favorite part of my outfit was for sure the chariot. It gave my outfit that extra pizzazz and it was so fun to go around in school with it. I also liked my toga. I love to go all out for spirit day because it’s the one day where you can show how much you love and are passionate for your school and grade.”