“Looking Glass” has selected student work for this year’s issue


Graphic by Riley Lynch ’18

The Looking Glass recently completed selections for this year’s publication, the theme being Dynamics.  The Looking Glass is a student-produced magazine that features art, photography and writing by South students.

“When selecting student work, the first thing we look for is: does it fit the theme?” Jessica Dodge ’19, a member of Looking Glass, said. “Then we look for originality, creativity and interesting composition.”

The selection of student work for the magazine is mostly decided by the group, according to English teacher and Looking Glass adviser Danielle Peck.  Peck has been the adviser for Looking Glass for the last six years.

“We all read it as a group, we discuss it as a group and then we vote on it,” Peck said.

Kate Mollison ’17, a member of Looking Glass, said that when voting for submissions, she primarily looks for poetry that is cohesive, in both its writing and how it relates to the theme.

“Both writing and art have to draw me in and interest me in some way,” Mollison said.

Dodge said that she first looks to see if the piece fits the theme. After that, Looking Glass members then looks for originality, creativity and interesting composition, according to Dodge.

According to Peck, the most rewarding part of being involved with Looking Glass is working with this particular group of students.

“It’s great to be able to work with students who love (art) themselves and have a passion for it,” Peck said.

Mollison said that her favorite part about being on staff was the friendships she has formed.

“I’ve made a lot of great friends through Looking Glass this year,” Mollison said.  “I’m really happy that I get to be a part of a group of really talented people.”

The deadline for this year’s submissions recently passed, however Peck encourages students to consider submitting their work for next year’s Looking Glass.

“We’re open next year at the beginning of the year, so you can save up your stuff and even something that you created now you can submit to Looking Glass for next year,” Peck said.

Looking Glass meets Wednesdays after school.

“We are open and accepting and we would love to see new faces,” Peck said. “If it sounds like something students are interested in, we welcome you to join us.”