AP registration open for students


Photo by Ariana Chengges '17

The AP exam schedule for spring 2017. Test registration is open for the next month.

Advanced Placement testing is approaching for many South students. Some students have taken AP classes before, and others like Bobbi Barrett ‘18 are unsure of the process.

“It’s stressful having to register for AP classes and not really knowing what to do,” Barrett said.

Testing dates are May 1 through May 5 and May 8 through May 12, according to apstudent.collegeboard.org.

“The registration process takes between two and three minutes, so I think it is very easy,” Kahli Williams of the records office said

According to Williams, she is available to help students with AP registration.

“You go to the webstore and you are able to order your test,” Williams said.

Students should register in Jan. or Feb. There are online resources that can aid students in the process, like K-12, which is linked on the South website homepage, according to Williams.

“Once you receive a receipt, you are confirmed; that means you are registered for the AP testing,” Williams said.

Barrett was told to register for her AP language and composition test by her English teacher Sandra McCue.

According to Maria Trosinski ‘17, she has been taking AP classes since sophomore year.

“There wasn’t really anything hard about registering, it was kind of just like fill out paperwork,” Trosinski said.

Cell phones are not allowed at the test, according to Williams.

“Expect to arrive early, be in testing for a long period of time and just be prepared,” Williams said.

Students should also bring a number two pencil, eraser and a calculator if allowed.

Students with multiple AP exams have the possibility of having two exams at the same time, according to Williams.

“If you have two tests on the same day, one a.m. and one p.m. you can take those tests, but if you have two tests at the same time, you are qualified to take an alternate test on another test date,” Williams said.

Scores are uploaded online in July and students can also go to Williams to get their scores.

“Just be prepared, be on time and knock the test out,” Williams said.