Poetry slam displays talent for creative students

For the past ten years the poetry club has been hosting poetry slam, an event for students to competitively read poetry.

“At the poetry slam kids can bring really anything they’ve written from personal poems to humor and political satire and share it in an open mic, or compete in two rounds with other poets. It’s a place for open expression,” Gwyneth Rennell ‘18 said.

Jan. 17 held the annual open mic night and poetry slam at the Ewald (Park) Branch of The Grosse Pointe Public Library.

“It’s (open mic) a judge free poetry reading where you get to feel like a rockstar. People will cheer for you and you get to share your poetry,” Harry Campion, the poetry club advisor said.

According to Campion, the judges for the poetry slam are members of the audience and each piece can be no longer than three minutes and 10 seconds.

“These people are writers, performers and listeners, so don’t feel like you have to write or read every meeting to be a part of poetry. Just come as you are, and you’ll be received with compassion, joy, and acceptance,” Rennell said.

According to Riley Lynch ‘18, the first place winner of the poetry slam, said the next slam will be held in March.

“The slam was super fun this time around,” Rennell said. “Everyone was really excited, especially since this was the first slam of the year. We’ve been working on these pieces, and waiting to perform them since the summer, and I think that showed the quality and energy in everyone’s poems.”