Link crew hosts annual Cookies and Cram event

John Schulte and Evan Theros, both '18, Staff Writers

For most South student’s, freshman year is filled with new and exciting experiences that come with the transition from middle to high school. For freshman, midterms are a new and uncharted experience which cause stress and tears.

In order to combat this, South’s Link Crew held their annual Cookies and Cram event. Link Crew co-president Katie Carene ’17 said the event was held this Thursday before school in the student commons, during both lunches in the library and after school in the student commons.

Carene said the purpose of the event is to aid freshman in preparing for their first midterms.

“We put up signs in the hallways and all over the lockers just to advertise that ‘hey you’re not alone, we can help you through midterms.’ We understand how stressful it can be and don’t go through your first midterm alone,” Carene said.

Freshman are able to find help with any and all subjects at Cookies and Cram, or were invited to just come and seek advice on how students can own their midterms.

“We try to base each table off of subject and we have a bunch of different language representatives

According to Carene, she, along with the other link crew members, have been able to assist many freshman.

Carene explained that as a senior, it was not difficult to recall the necessary information to aid the freshman students, despite learning the information three years ago as a freshman. Carene added that the majority of the participating link crew members have been in honors classes, so they have an advanced understanding of the material they are tutoring the freshman students on.  

According to Carene, participating link crew members were spending the majority of their time at Cookies and Cram tutoring freshman in world history and foreign languages like French and Spanish.

World history and foreign languages aren’t the only subjects students required tutoring in. Freshman students like Ava Boley ’20 were taking advantage of the free tutoring and advice to seek help in math.

Boley learned about Cookies and Cram from some creative advertising from link crew members.

“My link crew leader put a sign on my locker that said ‘hey it’s Cookies and Cram, come study and you can have cookies,’ Boley said.

According to Boley, having link crew leaders to help are helping her prepare for midterms,and understand how to properly prepare for them.

“I’m worried about how hard they are going to be and having help to understand the questions is really making me feel better about midterms,” Boley said.

Other freshman students like Jake Kempa ’20 said that they are also worried about midterms because they aren’t quite sure what to expect and how to properly study to tack.

“It’s my first time taking midterms, so  just a little stressed out with all my classes, I’m in honors classes so it’s a little bit tougher for me,” Kempa said.

Kemp came to Cookies and Cram looking for help in one subject in particular.

“Well I’d say bio because it’s an accelerated course for me and it is probably my weakest class so I’m going to ask some questions about that definitely,” Kemp said.

Kempa said that having the extra help was making him feel more confident about mid terms.

“Just that little extra step that you know could help get that couple extra percent on the midterm,”