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Withstanding hat policy during winter

Grace Vollmer ’26

Many students understand that wearing hats inside has been a rule implemented since elementary school. But when the winter season comes around, this rule has a larger effect on students. As temperatures were decreasing dramatically, the want for a hat increased to keep students warm starting in November. Aside from being an asset in keeping students warm, they can also add to a student’s outfit or even keep them comfortable at school.

Hypothermia is a very serious condition caused by prolonged cold exposure. According to the Mayo Clinic, one risk factor group for hypothermia is people of very young age. This is one very important effect of wearing no coat or hat to keep warm. Most of the time, I don’t wear a hat or even a coat, which could be very consequential. I understand why hats could be a problem in school, but if they could keep students comfortable at school, it could increase their learning abilities.

Hats during school can have some drawbacks. First, the main reason they are not allowed is because of identity issues. If someone is wearing a large hat that covers most of their face, they are unidentifiable, which creates a dangerous situation for a school. Staff and other students want to be able to recognize others inside the school. So, I recognize the possible outcomes of being able to wear a beanie during school. If a student is wearing a hat that is also very intriguing for students, it may act as a distraction from the classroom. Since you only need a hat outside where the cold weather stands, it is not always a necessity inside the school. Overall, even though wearing hats may be out of the picture for students, there are other ways to stay warm in school.

One way to incorporate warm attire into an outfit in school is by dressing in layers. A student can come into school from the cold wearing a coat, but then they can put it in a locker. One can also wear a sweatshirt and pants with a shirt underneath in case they get hot or cold. Battling the cold with layers is one way that students can stay warm during the intense temperatures without needing a hat in school. Students usually only need a hat outside, so it is not normally a huge problem with them not being allowed inside. Overall, dressing in layers is a student’s best option for combating the cold within this Winter season considering the hat rules at South.

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About the Contributor
Grace Vollmer ’26
Grace Vollmer ’26, Copy Editor
Grace Vollmer ’26, a first-year copy editor is ready to enter the Tower after a long summer of lifeguarding. Starting her sophomore year, Vollmer’s excited to join Tower because she loves to write and she is excited for the opportunities the Tower class offers to her. Vollmer is excited to meet with more people of all grades and get to know more students. “I really like it (journalism) because I love to write and I also love talking to people,” Vollmer said. “I think it’s such a fun class because I get to interact with more people that I usually wouldn’t.” Grace loves to keep herself busy, whether it's playing with Harlow her Goldendoodle, or participating in her multi-varsity sports tennis and swimming. Always ready for a challenge on land, pool, and the court.

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