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Senior night salutes

A remarkable journey ends

When the everlasting sense of knowing this is your last chance to play with the teammates you’ve become so connected to hits suddenly at the final home meet, seniors must brace themselves for the emotions of Senior Night.

For their last swim meet, senior girls are asked to provide a memorable moment in addition to a note of advice to the team in the form of a letter. As the coach reads their letters, seniors run beneath the hands of their teammates in the shape of a tunnel one by one, while freshmen, sophomores, and juniors gather on each side and raise their hands in appreciation.

Charlotte Bedsworth ’24 poses with her family and swim coach who celebrates her at Senior night. (Vincent Maffesoli ’24)

In preparation for this occasion, seniors must choose one member of the team with whom they have the strongest bond to give them a rose. Exemplifying how team role models must completely transfer leadership to their underclassmen peers. Charlotte Bedsworth ’24 will be seen crying as she prepares for her final meet, one which she hopes will be her greatest yet.“It goes by so quick,” Bedsworth said, “and we need to enjoy every minute of being a Senior on this incredible team.”

Abby Brink ’ 24, a senior on the Varsity Field Hockey team, discusses her favorite elements of her team’s Senior Night. Underclassmen go out of their way to make it an unforgettable experience for seniors in order to end the season on a high note by personalizing posters with names, phrases, and images and hanging them on the fence for the seniors to see.“It’s a nice send off,” Brink said, “ a way to appreciate the leaders of the team at their last high school home game of their lives.”

Abby Brink ’24 poses with her parents on the football field during the Varsity Field Hockey senior night (Bella Babcock ’24)

The athletes get pumped up when they see their parents on the sidelines and in the crowd supporting them during the final game, knowing they won’t get to see it again. It is a bittersweet occasion for the seniors because it’s their last chance to have fun playing the sport that they love with the teammates that they adore. Brink will use the remaining time to celebrate her upcoming successes and new beginning with her family and teammates.

“It’s valuable because many seniors take on leadership roles and some are captains,” Brink said, “and this is their final opportunity to be a part of their team and play for one another.”

The night began at the 50-yard line, as Hunter Belanger ’24 smiled beside his parents, filled with emotions, knowing that this would be his final Senior Night as a player. He had no idea the time would come so quickly; only four years earlier, he was watching as his brother stood in the same place as him, and he was certain the moment would never come. Now it happened, and Belanger knows that picture will be displayed next to one of his brothers to commemorate the moment in time.

Left to right- AJ Zieleniewski ’26 standing next to Hunter Belanger ’24 during Senior night. (Ana Zieleniewski ’26)

Thursday nights are Belanger’s favorite because the entire varsity team practices, then goes to a team dinner, then plaque, which is a team hangout on South’s front lawn that focuses on team bonding, and lastly a 7- 11 trip.“Enjoy it all and give it your best effort,because spending time with everyone who is a part of the program will help you bond as a group,” Belanger said.

Although the end is near, Belanger said he knows that it all comes down to the fact that you have so many people on your side.“Not just for the entire season, but for the rest of your life—because they will always share a special memory with you.” Belanger said.

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