Sew into Fashion

O'hara Diamond '23, Supervising Page Editor

After a successful first season of Netflix series Next in Fashion, producers were ready for another go with this creative and captivating show. Although I have yet to watch the first season, I plan to go back and watch it because I am intrigued by and in love with season two. My favorite part about the show is the personalities on it. The hosts definitely add a lot to this series and the designers’ personalities are so alike but so unique.

Next in Fashion is a fashion competition between designers from all over the world for a $200,000 prize from the subscription fashion service Rent the Runway. The winner is also given a chance to launch their collection on Rent the Runway’s website.

Recently, supermodel Gigi Hadid became a new host after fellow designer Alexa Chung left the show. Her co-host Tan France and her make a dynamic, fun duo that make the audience laugh and stay intrigued.

Along with the funny hosts, each of the designers have their own unique personalities. I normally don’t like modern fashion, as the huge puffer coats and extremely bright colors can be too extra for me. I understand that this makes a statement on a runway and helps the artist and model stand out from the rest, but I personally am not a fan.

My favorite people on this show are James Ford, Danny Godoy and Bao Tranchi. I love their styles, but especially Bao’s. Her clothing is so empowering to me and shows that women can dress beautifully and get their stuff done, which is why I really want to buy something off her website. Godoy and James’ personalities are so fun and energetic, which I think is why I like them. It’s inspiring to see how people have grown from their backstories, especially because all these people have different experiences and some haven’t designed for as long as others.

I enjoyed watching this show over the weekend. I became really invested in these fantastic and creative designers; it’s fun to guess who’s going home and hear their backstories. It has a tinge of America’s Got Talent because you feel bad when someone leaves because you get emotionally invested in their success. When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer, and this show certainly reignited my interest. While watching, I was even tempted to get out my old sewing machine and start making some (really bad) clothing.

The winner was decided by Gigi, Tan, guest judges and the owner of RenttheRunway. I was very pleased with the winner and I know that their designs will be very popular and well known. All in all, I highly recommend this show if you’re looking for some laughs and inspiration. Enjoy the drama and the stress with this revamped design show.