Lockwood & Co drags viewers into sci-fi adventure plot

Olivia McDougall '23, Staff Writer

Above is the television poster for Lockwood & Co. Photo courtesy of IMBd.

Thirteen-year-old Lucy Carlyle was born with the gift of connecting with ghosts and spirits. Lucy and her mom are on their own after her father passed, which causes her mom to treat Lucy’s gift as a source of income. In the Netflix original series Lockwood & Co, Carlyle is determined to make a better life for herself and escape the abuse of her mom. With fitting songs by The Cure and Joy Division, the soundtrack reflects the location and vibe of the show.

After being fired from her previous job, Carlyle sets out for London and meets Anthony Lockwood and his friend George Karim. She is hired into their company, Lockwood & Co and they go on many ghost hunts together. Between the tension connecting Carlyle and Lockwood and disagreements with her coworkers, Carlyle comes across several predicaments throughout the season.

I normally would not watch a show like this, as I’m not too interested in adventure and sci-fi, but by the second episode I was sucked in. I particularly liked the first action-packed scene which depicted Carlyle falling from a flight of stairs. The delayed reveal of what actually happened to her kept me curious and waiting for the return to the rest of the scene. Another thing that hooked me in was the ambiguity in Carlyle and Lockwood’s relationship. While a romantic relationship doesn’t exist yet, I speculate that it will happen in the future—Lockwood had jealous tendencies about Lucy.

The series combines all aspects of adventure, friendships and more serious topics like abuse. While there hasn’t been another season announced, I assume there will be more because the series is based off of a longer book series. I can see people that are fans of American Horror Story, Outer Banks and The Umbrella Academy enjoying Lockwood & Co. I recommend anyone who is looking for an adventure of a show to give Lockwood & Co a watch.