Five Minutes with Alex Cline

Sara Dimitrijevic '25, Staff Writer

Alex Cline, a sophomore at Grosse Pointe South, talks about the positives and negatives of being in choir, and some of the upcoming events Grosse Pointe South Choir is performing.
On February 4th, Grosse Pointe South Choir is planning on driving to Walsh Jesuit Ohio to perform their first competition this season.

“We’re going to have to wake up at 3 a.m. and if one of the groups wins we get to perform in the finals,” Cline said.
Grosse Pointe South Choir did end up winning the whole competition, coming back to South with a victory.

Cline says he loves choir, but he does find the struggles of having to balance school and choir very overwhelming.

“Being in two choirs isn’t easy,” Cline said. “I usually choose choir over school because choir is something I want to go into. I’m planning on taking choir for the rest of my high school career, so I think it’s going to start to get a little easier to manage my time once I get used to it.

Even though there can be a lot to manage when in choir, Cline believes he’s met some amazing people, and has learned a lot from being in choir.

“Almost all my friends are from the show choir,” Cline said. “I feel like I have a special connection with them because we all love to sing and dance so it’s just something we all can relate to.”