Five minutes with field hockey captain Natalie Coffey


O'hara Diamond '23

LEADING THE VICTORY Field Hockey captain Natalie Coffey’ 23 competes at her best against every challenger, pushing her team to achieve greatness.

O'hara Diamond '23, Supervising Page Editor

In her fourth year of field hockey, Natalie Coffey ‘23 is one of two captains that leads her team on the field. With her kindness, leadership skills, and understanding of the sport, Coffey believes she displays what a captain should look like on and off the field.

“I love my team,” Coffey said. “Its fun to take on this sort of leadership role because it’s not too much stress, but I still get to do things and organize things.”

As the class of 2022 recently left Grosse Pointe South, this team has lost lot of the senior players that helped carry the team. Coffey is impressed with how much the team has learn and grown together, but has also found it put some pressure on her.  According to Coffey, the skills she found as a captain will help throughout her life;

“This position teaches me about how to delegate,” Coffey said. “It also gives me a point of reference to come back to when I have to lead bigger group projects or being in control of a larger group of people later in a job.”