New store Cards and Collectibles opens on Mack Avenue

Katie Hamilton '24, Web Editor

With summer around the corner, a new store is making its grand opening. The Cards and Collectibles store on Mack Avenue is opening. They specialize in sports cards and memorabilia.

Dan Williams is a Grosse Pointe resident who collects cards for fun and investment. “My love of collecting sports cards started when I was about four years old, my elementary school friends and I were very competitive about trying to get certain players or certain kinds of cards, since the better the condition the better the grade, and the more value the card has,” said Williams.

Meeting new people at the store is sport-tacular, talking to people who work there or other customers is always an experience.

“The people who work there are always pleasant, and provide an excellent experience every time I stop in,” said Williams.

Mike Denomme has worked there since October 2021 and has loved the job ever since.

“The work environment is laid back, friendly, and inviting. Not a very stressful job compared to other jobs I’ve had.” Denomme said.

In February 2021, eBay reported that sports card sales in 2020 increased on the site by 142 percent over 2019, with more than 4 million cards sold.

“The biggest challenge we face is keeping stock in the store. Everything flies off the shelf so fast that when it comes in it’s hard to gauge sometimes how much we should order a particular box or pack,” said Denomme.

Andrea and Jay Jacklyn are the owners of the Cards and Collectibles store. They opened during the pandemic.

“The pandemic we all experienced helped revitalize the sports card collecting industry and helped breathe new life into this great hobby,” Jacklyn said.

Sports Cards are for all ages and all different types of people. Lots of younger and older people alike one again are connected for their love of collecting.

“It seemed like a good time to bring sports card collecting closer to the Pointes. We have many passionate collectors in the area who have so many great cards and sports items in their amazing collections,” Jacklyn said.

There are many sports card collectors in the world, because starting a collection, working hard to add to it, and completing a set is very rewarding and every person is different when it comes to sports cards.
“We really wanted to have something local where kids, adults, collectors, etc. could come together and share their love and passion for sports card collecting,” said Jacklyn. “We literally have something for everyone.”