How Christmas tree shortages affected this years sales

Chloe Polizzi '23, Staff Writer

Every year families buy a fresh tree for the holidays. However, this year, a shortage of trees forced some to purchase fake ones.

Otherworld is a shop on Mack that sells Christmas trees when in season. The owner Pam Grand explained her sales this season.

“The trees were more expensive for me,” Grand said. “As were the shipping and fuel surcharges.”

The shortage can significantly affect businesses according to Grand. If some don’t have enough money to purchase the trees, they cannot bring in the holiday profit they normally would, which can spiral into an abundance of other issues.

However, this does not apply to all places according to Lucy Van Syckle ’23.

“There were lots of trees of all shapes and sizes,” Van Syckle said.

Grand said some customers get upset when confronted with the fact of a shortage, and they try to take it out on the owner. However, this is not true of most customers according to Grand.

“It is still the holidays,” Grand said. “So most customers were in good spirits, and the trees were pretty and good quality.”

According to Olivia Boyer ’23, Michigan is one of the top states for Christmas trees, making them high in demand. Boyer said her family buys a tree every year.

“I enjoy that experience with my family,” Boyer said. “It makes us all closer.”

Regardless of the shortage, Grand said Christmas is all about being grateful for what you have and spending time with family.

“Have a peaceful holiday, from Otherworld Nursery,” Grand said.