Take care of yourself

The Tower Staff

Graphic by Olivia Walz ’22.

Although it’s only the second month of the school year, many major events occur during October.

Homecoming takes place in October, which includes weeks of anticipation, preparation, stress and planning. Students also study for the PSAT, SAT or the ACT. Fall sports conclude during October, and some students prepare for semi-finals or regionals in their sports. Putting Halloween plans together with friends and family members also creates anticipation and can be almost as stressful as preparing for homecoming. For seniors, there’s the added pressure of trying to complete college applications by certain deadlines while trying to manage schoolwork at the same time.

We at the Tower emphasize the importance of making sure that students take care of themselves during this crazy and hectic time. This is especially important for seniors as they are navigating through the application process, school and the many extracurricular and social activities that take place in the everyday lives of students. It is also very important for underclassmen to take care of themselves, as it could help improve grades, mental health and self-confidence.

Taking some time to yourself during this month will give you more energy to complete the daunting tasks the month includes, by doing things such as getting a good night’s sleep. Many of the aspects of your life that you have found difficult to work on may start to get easier through the use of motivation, hope, positive thinking and the support of family and friends. We hope that you make the most of this month and try to take care of yourself the best that you can.

The Tower Staff