HOCO Trends

O'Hara Diamond '23, Page Editor

Detailed lace has always been an enjoyable touch which homecoming attendees enjoy from time to time. Madelyn Zann ‘24 chose this pink dress with lace in the middle because it’s a fun way to show personality. Zann purchased this dress in August and is very enthused to wear it. “I am excited to get dressed up and make lifetime memories with my fellow classmates,” Zann said.

Sparkly shoes are making a comeback, especially for Erin Steinhauser ‘22. She bought these shoes from Zara because she knew they would complement her dress well. Though she likes how they look, Steinhauser says they are very uncomfortable to walk in. “I’m not sure I’ll enjoy wearing them but beauty is pain,” Steinhauser said.

Form-fitting black dresses have been an important piece of fashion culture for years. Betsy Bouton ‘;25 bought a black dress a few weeks ago and is excited to wear it to homecoming. Bouton rates it a nine out of ten. “I think black would match with a lot of things and I could wear it to other places,” Bouton said.

Steve Madden has always made a comfortable line of shoes, including their famous heels. Olivia Boyer ‘23 purchased these heels for her freshman year homecoming and has decided to wear them. The irene-colored heel will go with her dress and she knows she will enjoy wearing them, but not for long. “I would rate these a nine out of ten due to the color,” Boyer said. “The grey color can be very basic for homecoming.”