Godzilla vs. Kong: entertaining but underwhelming

Andrew Isaacs '23, Staff Writer

With a particularly eye-grabbing title, Legendary Entertainment’s fourth installment in their “Monsterverse” cinematic universe, “Godzilla vs. Kong,” was certainly something to look at. The culmination of a series that took six years and four movies was a very action-packed film that obviously saw Godzilla and King Kong fight many times. The movie was released on March 31 and has quickly become one of the hottest movies in theaters and on streaming platforms like HBO Max, where it was exclusively released to subscribers.. Don’t worry, this article will be spoiler-free.

The main plotline occurs after the events of the previous Godzilla and Kong movies. Kong is becoming too powerful to be contained on Earth’s surface. He was going to be transported to the “Hollow World”, an ecosystem that lies under Earth’s surface, where Kong could roam free. Before his handlers could get him there, Godzilla, the most powerful “Titan” among them all, makes a visit. After an enormous battle in the middle of the ocean, we wait until the end of the movie for the ultimate battle that takes place in Hong Kong.

There were some parts in the film that looked great, but I thought the special effects were overused in some moments. It began to look more animated than live-action during battle sequences. The cinematography was very good here. Besides the effects, I didn’t see any errors in camera work or settings. A smaller issue I had was that the human characters’ development was extremely uncreative. As a first-time viewer of the “Monsterverse” franchise, I did not have an introduction to some of the characters. You would think I would get a good idea of who they were by the end of the movie, But this is not true. They were very basic, especially the characters in the smaller plotline involving actress Millie Bobby Brown, and her crew of a conspiracy theorist and a stereotypical nerd. These were very minor in the scheme of the movie. We watched this to see a giant monkey fight a lizard with fire breath, not the puny humans.

Overall, I thought the movie did a good job of achieving its main goal. This was supposed to be about the Godzilla vs. Kong conflict, and it only showed them beating the crap out of each other. It was as simple as that. I thought it was a pretty entertaining movie, but don’t think too deep into it, as it is definitely not a movie that you need to over-examine when watching it.