Plans for full time face-to-face plows ahead

Eleni Tecos '22, Supervising Editor

Shortly after the introduction of the district’s hybrid learning plan, the newly elected school board president Joseph Herd requested a revised traditional learning plan from the GPPSS administration for the school board meeting on Jan. 25.

According to school board vice president Margaret Weertz, the push for a five days a week, face-to-face plan is backed by Governor Whitmer and the CDC’s recommendations for traditional learning to resume with proper precautions.

However, according to Whitmer’s plan, schools only have to provide a face-to-face option, not full time.

“Many districts in Michigan are already back to five (face-to-face school days a week),” Weertz said. “It’s not an easy decision to listen to our community, but that is what we were elected to do. We are hoping to salvage four months of this school year for our students.”