Mask up, list of best masks for sports

Patrick Koeppen '23

As athletic activities amp up this fall and winter, the growing concern for athlete safety has grown exponentially. Masks have been mandated for many sports such as field hockey, ice hockey, basketball and others. However, many athletes find masks to impede their breathing, making them more tired, light-headed and dealing with shortness of breath. Traditional surgical masks are said to be not ideal to wear while playing a sport, as they soak up moisture from the breath or sweat, further preventing sufficient oxygen from getting to the player. Athletic masks have sprung up during the COVID-19 pandemic. These masks-while just as protective- have a better flow of air to the player.

Knowing what to get:

Masks have been proven to be effective at slowing down the transmission of COVID-19. The mask must be protective to yourself and to those around you. Once that is squared away, the mask must be breathable and comfortable. Not too tight to your face, breathable but not unreliable and not effective. There are 3 athletic masks on the market that fulfill these requirements:

Under Armour Sports Face Mask
Under Armor has stepped up their game during this pandemic. More and more companies are starting to release face masks by their design. However, many of these masks are poorly designed and incapable of use during strenuous activities. Under Armor does not fall short of expectations. The mask is incredibly comfortable and very protective. It does not tug on your ears and wicks up moisture with ease.

Adidas Cover Face Mask
Adidas, much like Under Armor, has gotten into the protective mask game. Their mask is made of polyester with a lining that is optimal for breathing. The mask is the perfect shape for any face and is perfect for maximum breathability and protection. The mask is designed for athletic activities, and it clearly shows.

32 Degrees Face Mask
The 32 Degrees face mask is comfortable, simple and very breathable. The mask soaks up sweat and moisture, but it does not impede your oxygen flow. Common masks like surgical masks merely let water sit there, so when you go to breathe, water gets sucked into the lungs. The 32 Degrees mask doesn’t push water into your lungs when you breathe. Although it might get smelly due to the sweat, the mask is washable and reusable. The mask is comfortable, it does not pull on your ears, and conforms to the mouth and nose area perfectly. 32 degrees face mask is perfect for athletic activities.