New Regulations for fall sports

Ethan Bell, Staff Writer

This fall season sport have been hit hard by COVID-19, with new regulations and rules appearing throughout the season. These new rules and regulations have been very confusing to both players and parents and although some are consevertial all rules have been put in place to protect student athletes and spectators. As of recently spectator numbers at games have been limited to two family members per athlete and social distancing and wearing masks is being enforced.
“We have signs posted at entrances to tell spectators to mask up and social distance,” said Christopher Booth, the athletic director for South. “We’ve communicated the rules to families and visiting spectators,” said Booth.
This communication has been a crucial part of keeping players, families and visiting parents safe from COVID-19. Some however choose not to follow the rules putting many people at risk for catching COVID-19. Booth goes around to different practices and games to make sure both players and spectators are following the rules. Not following the rules can result in the game being cancelled altogether.
“We’re following the MHSA and government regulations,” said Booth. Some of the more South specific rules for spectators is to enter an event you must have a wristband on and be on the spectator list that the head coach is to submit before 10am the day of the game. Another rule is that speactors have to vacate the stadium immediately after the game and may enter the stadium only 20 minutes before the start of the game.
Although COVID-19 has been a weird and trying time for us all wearing your mask and following the rules that have been put in place by the athletic department to protect both student athletes and spectators is much appreciated by all. Following the rules helps the season continue and keep infection numbers down at the same time. “Mainly I just want people to be safe,” said Booth.