Netflix’s “Dead to Me” season two leaves fans wanting more


Sophia Stann '20, Staff writer

Season two of Netfllix’s Dead to Me came out on May 8. This show is about a family who lost their father in a hit-and-run. The mystery surrounding his death led both seasons into more and more drama. Each episode, more secrets are revealed about the death of the father. Along the way to find out what happened to Ted, more and more things came into light for the characters. The two main characters, Judy and Jen, throughout the season made criminal like decisions.
Season one ended with a massive cliffhanger, and had me waiting on my toes for the next season. In my opinion, the show’s overall plot is excellent and always kept me intrigued. The drama and secrets each character has to deal with keeps the plot at a good pace. The pace was kept up in season two, which made me want to continue watching. There were ten episodes this season, and I finished it within two days because of how captivating it was.
The acting throughout the show was believable and realistic. Each character played their part very well, whether it was a comedic bit or a serious moment. This show definitely can tug the heartstrings of the viewer, and pull you into the lives of the characters.
I would rate this show a five out of five stars. During this quarantine when friends ask me for show recommendations, this is the first series to pop into my head. The plot, the acting and the cliffhangers make this a thrilling series with hints of comedy. Season two in my opinion definitely lived up to season ones ratings. Of course, season two had to end in another cliffhanger, which will keep me on the lookout for season three.