Two takes on “American Royals”


Becca’s review
A few months ago, I read about the book American Royals in an email I had gotten. I saved the title and forgot about it. A few months passed and soon it was a few days after Christmas and I was sitting in a Barnes and Noble in Ohio looking for a couple of new books. Picking up books, none of them really caught my eye. Then I saw American Royals, it had an interesting cover and an even more interesting premise. I bought it and went home unaware of the previous connection. It wasn’t until on the car ride home that I went through some of my old files and saw the title that I had already unknowingly bought. Picking up that book day in the bookstore was one of the best book decisions I have made.

I cannot say the last time I couldn’t put down a book. I stayed up until about 3 am to finish reading it after picking it up around 9 pm. It was that good. There was drama, there was royalty, there was everything I didn’t know I needed in a book rolled into one binding. The story is told from the point of view of four very different characters. Some of them I really disliked but being able to hear their narrative really gave me more reasons to dislike them. I enjoyed the story being told from multiple viewpoints. It helped to strengthen characteristics for all of the main four girls. This book is full of plot twists. During the course of reading it I was transported into another world of the struggles between duty to one’s country and duty to one’s self. I was left anxiously waiting for the sequel which comes out in September.

There were many different storylines that were all simultaneously happening. Trying to figure out how they all connected reminded me of some of the mystery novels I have read. At the end of the book, some of the storylines were answered, or at least some clarity was shed on them. However, there are plenty of more problems that have been left unresolved. These provide plenty of material for future books. I absolutely loved reading American Royals. It was one of those rare books that combine an amazing plot, incredible writing, and fabulous characters all into one. This book is perfect for anyone looking for a romance novel with a twist.

Rating: 9/10

Paige’s review
Becca thoughtfully chose and recommended me to read the American Royals book. I felt so many different emotions whilst reading, as tensions spiked between characters, true love almost always sprinkled throughout the chapters and the different perspectives from the four prominent female characters left me feeling captivated. The book is about the American royal family, the monarchy started with George Washington being crowned a monarch rather than becoming president. Though it is not about the beginning, but the present day as America is about to have their first queen. Everything takes place as if there was an American monarchy in the 2000s. Through the twists and turns, everything I ever wanted was encapsulated in the plot. A character, who I hate, but added some flavor. The princess soon-to-be queen with her enticing problematic relationship issues. The younger princess and her best friend are also struggling with love for a multitude of reasons. In all, I unexpectedly really loved the story. This book took me about two days to finish, as I rampantly read. The story was easy and interesting to follow. I will also probably end up reading the sequel once I can get my hands on it. I highly recommend this book if you enjoy romantic and coming of age novels.

Rating: 8.5/10