Review: 5 songs about quarantine

Anna Cornell '20, Staff Writer

Level of Concern
Level of Concern by 21 pilots is a modern love song. The song is about how the outside world and the pandemic has impacted their personal life. Although the lyrics have a more serious meaning the song is upbeat and fast paced which adds a positive twist to it. The music video is filmed at home to comply with the stay at home order. In the video the main singer and drummer demonstrate social distancing.


Six Feet Apart
Six Feet Apart by Alec Benjamin has a somber tone. The song is about the loneliness that is produced by the lack of social interaction due to quarantine. There are many references throughout the entire song about social distancing, starting with the title. Aching for things to go back to normal can be heard in the way Benjamin says, “So I think I’ll build a time machine and go back to a time, when we didn’t need to measure six feet on the ground”. Overall Six Feet Apart is extremely relatable, as everyone has wished to see their loved ones again and the space between them seemed to infinitely during this time.


I Believe that We Will Win
I Believe that We Will Win by Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide) is an upbeat and pump up song. The chorus is a common sports chant that teams yell before a game to motivate team morale. The message of the song is that we will conquer the virus and people are stronger than they think, nothing will destroy us. The lyrics like most of Pitbull’s songs are part english part spanish, they are hopeful and uplifting in unknowing times. It is almost impossible to not head bop or start dancing while listening to the song.


Bored in the House
Bored in the House by Tyga and Curtis Roach is as the title states how most people are feeling during this quarantine. The chorus is repetitive to express how there is not much for people to do, and after awhile the only thing left is boredom. This catchy song seems like the national anthem for everyone in quarantine, “Locked down I’m gonna stay stayin’ in, in ramen noodles every night for my din din, hulu binge watchin’ episodes of Ben-10”. Bored in the House is a fun listen.


La Cumbia Del Coronavirus
La Cumbia Del Coronavirus by Mister Cumbia is an explanatory song about the pandemic. The main focus of the song talks about how to prevent yourself from catching the virus, like washing your hands. Although the song is in spanish, it is sung at a moderate pace making the lyrics easy to understand. Anyone who has taken spanish classes should be able to understand. The song itself is upbeat and gives a positive message about how to stay safe during uncertain times. Listening to La Cumbia Del Coronavirus is a good way for those learning spanish to improve their spanish at home while also learning about how to stay safe during the pandemic.