Technology helps athletes connect


Graphic by Ella Houting and Kate Wiedig, both ’22.

Athletes competing in spring sports have found new ways to workout from home despite the coronavirus pandemic putting a hold on games and group practices.

South athletes have turned their focus on alternative ways to stay in shape and motivate themselves and their teammates during this time of uncertainty. Technology has played a large role in helping teams stay connected and to continue to workout.

“Due to the coronavirus, US Rowing has turned virtual spring regattas such as regional/nationals championships into virtual ‘races’ that will take place at home on a rowing machine,” Alex Rollins ’22 said.

According to Rollins, girls rowing coach Mike Gentile sends out a training plan each week to prepare the team for these at home “races”, which has helped the team keep in contact during quarantine.

“Our team has stayed connected throughout this time by texting over Groupme along with group calls, which are really good because we get to see our teammates and coaches and talk to them,” Rollins said.

According to Gentile, the workouts provided are similar in intensity and types of workout that the team would regularly be doing in practice in order to prepare for the virtual “races”.

“The 2020 spring season was cancelled, but US Rowing is conducting a virtual Midwest championship as well as a virtual national championship that we have to prepare for,” Gentile said.

Beyond South sports teams, some students have been working out individually, such as Lilli Walton ‘22, who said she finds motivation by thinking about improving the physical appearance of her body for summer.

“I definitely recommend running (for individual workouts), but I’ve been doing peloton workouts and different YouTube videos because it’s hard to motivate yourself when you are alone,” Walton said.

Rollins agreed with this, and said it is definitely harder to motivate herself without her teammates surrounding her.

“(Despite the challenges,) everyone on the (rowing) team has stayed committed to keep training in order to put the team in the best possible position in order to be a top team in the midwest region this spring, even though our races will no longer be on the water,” Rollins said.

According to Walton, her lacrosse coach sent out a survey to their team about having a summer season and she is anticipating receiving workouts for the team to do to prepare

“In the meantime (before the potential summer season), I have been working out after completing my homework so that I have something to get my blood pumping”, Walton said.

Gentile said staying physically active and finding ways to workout during this time is extremely important .

“Motivation can be difficult,” Gentile said. “Everyone’s home situation is different. It’s important to set goals because they help provide focus.”

With her personal motivation, Walton said she has been utilizing her extra time at home by running, improving her stick handling for lacrosse and working out in her home gym.

“The quarantine has definitely allowed me to work out more, which is great, but I miss the lacrosse season for sure,” Walton said. “I think partaking in physical activity helps take our minds off this unideal situation.”