The Grammy’s are all about fashion over awards

I’ve been watching the Grammys for as long as I can remember; watching soon became a yearly thing my sisters and I would bond over. The elegant dresses with all the extravagant accessories and colors were all we were looking at. The nominations for who was up for what award was never my concern, what appealed to my sisters and I the most was the stylish appearances of each actor.
Listening to the winner of each award felt exciting and nerve-racking, but as soon as the person walked onto the stage to collect the award, all I was looking at was the outfit. I loved seeing each different designer trying to one-up the next with the most memorable outfit of the night.
All the social media would post “best dressed’ or even “worst dressed”, and that’s what my eyes were drawn to immediately. Sometimes seeing dresses you think, “What in the world was this person thinking?” Seeing all the critics critique every little detail on each celebrity was something I was on the look for the following day of the Grammys. I started to gain the opinion that having the most expensive, beautiful outfit was much more important than the awards itself.
Everyone would be talking about who wore which designer, who wore what accessories, and who wore the outfit that clashed. The headlines would be about fashion, and at the end of each piece they would finally acknowledge the winners written in italic. Fashion was the statement of the night in my opinion for sure, yes receiving an award for each actor is thrilling and a once in a lifetime experience, but in my opinion, all I think the audience talks about the next day is whoever was “best dressed”.