Weathering the same storm

We are in uncharted territory right now.
On Thursday, March 12, rumors began to circulate among students. School would be closed the following day for professional development as teachers began to plan remote learning curriculum in the off chance that it would be necessary. Later that night, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the closure of K-12 schools across the state for the following three weeks. This left us with many questions in the minds of students. We were all in the same boat. We didn’t know what to expect.
Now, nearing the end of the first week of remote learning, a lot of the initial questions have been answered. However, some still remain.
First and foremost, The Tower commends the teachers, administration and other community leaders for taking swift action and making the best out of an unforeseeable situation. We understand how hectic everything seems at the moment– we do not want to overlook how lucky we are to have a dedicated teaching staff, working hard to plan lessons remotely during this time.
A lot of disappointment and uncertainty were consequences of the school closures due to the pandemic. From sports finals to robotics competitions, the coronavirus has cancelled events that require countless hours of planning and work and the time and effort of entire teams of students. The shock many are feeling over the cancellation of their final year of competing in the Science Olympiad is not much different than the dismay of DECA Internationals being canceled. All of us expended energy towards something we are passionate about, and yet may never see the results or rewards through its competition, event or performance
There are also many worries that need to be addressed. The answers to questions regarding spring break, Advanced Placement testing and senior traditions will all come with time.
It is normal to feel angry and confused. Instead of wallowing in this sadness by yourself, The Tower urges students to reach out to those around them. Find solace in the fact that we are all weathering the same storm.
Over the next few weeks, it is going to be hard to feel the community that South fosters. You may miss the walk to Fresh Farms Market or Extreme Pizza during lunch. You may miss some of your teachers you are used to seeing on a day-to-day basis. You may miss your club meetings that get you through the week.
We at The Tower believe it is essential that we support each other from a distance. We have to text, call or FaceTime our friends and peers regularly to check in with them. We must be there for each other. If you do not have anyone to reach out to, you can even send us an email. We are the students– we are the ones affected by this the most. We can empathize with each other more than anyone else could.
When the news broke on Thursday, March 12, that schools would be closed for a minimum of three weeks, there were a lot of questions among The Tower staff. If there was no school, how would we publish our paper? However, we at The Tower decided that now, more than ever, we have to continue our weekly tradition. Now, more than ever, we have to fulfill our duty as a beacon of truth and journalism in the community. Now, more than ever, we have to find some constant amidst the chaos surrounding us.
We understand that there are many questions right now. The Tower staff will continue to do our best to answer as much as we can, every week, with eight pages of news emailed to our subscribers and placed on Schoology for the entire student body. We are all in this together.