Students benefit from extra resources provided by teachers before school

Ally Strehlke '22, Staff writer

Every student has their own way of studying, but sometimes the material is too hard to study on their own. Many teachers come in early every day to make themselves available for students who may need extra help.
Math teacher Jenna Roebuck believes that teachers coming in early makes a big difference for students.
“I get here every day around 7 a.m. to help students who need assistance,” Roebuck said. “I like to make myself available for students.”
Olivia Frye `22 agrees that it is important for students to take advantage of teachers who come in early.
“Students getting help from teachers is definitely beneficial,” Frye said. ”It’s an extra resource that students can utilize and should take advantage of.”
Frye said many of her teachers prioritize availability and make themselves available for students.
“My teachers make sure to address any questions or concerns about the work,” Frye said. “Teachers who are more stern are harder to approach, so students may refrain from asking those teachers questions.”
Roebuck said it’s important for teachers to make room for the extra time students may need with them.
“I want students to know they have me as a resource,” Roebuck said. “Then you can answer their questions or help them with anything they need.”
Noelle Whorf `23 said she goes in early when she is feeling anxious about an upcoming test.
“I think the biggest thing for me is having tests on days when I’m already booked with other tests and activities,” Whorf said. “So it could be beneficial if teachers talked amongst themselves to find better scheduling for tests so there are no overlaps or other conflicts that might affect my grade.”
Whorf said teachers can reassure confidence in students who have been struggling.
“It’s definitely helpful to go in and get extra help from the person who taught you the material,” Roebuck said. “They can provide reassurance that you might’ve hidden because of nerves.”
Whorf said her teachers have been great about making themselves available outside of the regular school day.
“Teachers have busy lives too,” Whorf said. “So it’s great when they open their classroom before or after actual class hours.”