Appreciating artistic ability

Education and the arts have gone hand in hand in preparing students to succeed in the real world. The arts, in particular, have allowed students to better express themselves and become more well-rounded. This is shown in schools around the country, and Grosse Pointe South is no exception.
While there is a stellar reputation surrounding the arts, from the nationally-winning show choirs to the “Superior” rated music ensembles, you don’t have to be the best or the most talented to join the arts.You should join to, above everything else, enjoy yourself, and we believe that’s often forgotten. The arts can be used as a way to create something for people to enjoy, whether it’s as close as painting an IA building bridge or the using an “opt outside” art installations around Metro Detroit.
In past years, to take an art class, it was required for students to take a prerequisite, year-long class of Concepts & Materials. This posed multiple problems for students, ranging from a lack of space in their schedules or wanting to take an art class without losing a year on the prerequisite. However, the Art Department announced in a Schoology post on Jan. 29 that it would reduce the prerequisite to a semester when enrolling for next year. Doing this allows for more students to have the opportunity to take an art, and The Tower commends them for it.
Inside and outside of the classroom, taking an art can be beneficial to students. According to website The Art of Education, students that participate in the arts develop greater self-confidence, collaboration and perseverance. These skills are as applicable in any career as they are in a classroom, and it is essential that students are encouraged to take an art.
At South, there’s many excellent opportunities and art programs for students to express themselves, whether through performance or not. Show choirs, bands and orchestras allow students to learn the importance of self-discipline and improve their cognitive thinking. Similarly, the more performance-based arts, such as theater or vocal performance, enable students to improve their time management and work ethics. No matter what art you’re in, each and every single one has numerous benefits in the long run.
In addition to the real-world skills the arts offers, they can also serve as an outlet for your mental health. Some find it relaxing or simply a good way to unwind after a stressful day, and we at The Tower believe that’s one of the best reasons to take an art. Nothing is more important than your own health and well-being, and finding a healthy outlet for it in the arts is both productive and valuable
Above all, we at The Tower believe the artistics achievements and programs at South are incredible and deserve to be recognized– pursuing an art, in a South program or not, is full of opportunity and benefits for everyone. We at The Tower believe in this– in the importance of the arts and the irreplaceable benefits they offer to the student body.