Shores Nutrition offers friendly atmosphere and unique healthy drinks

Morgan Skaff '21, Supervising Copy Editor

While walking through the doors, I was immediately greeted by the workers at Shores Nutrition. They were very welcoming, and as a first time customer, they explained the menu process to me. The atmosphere and the friendliness made up for the somewhat lacking beverages.
I was instructed to choose a flavor of tea. There were so many options it was overwhelming– the worker recommended the popular Skittles tea, so I went with that. Next, I chose a shake; there were many options of those as well, but I had previously seen the Peppermint Oreo shake on Instagram, so I just glanced over the other options to see what they were, already knowing which one I was going to choose.
While waiting for my beverages, there was a raffle going on– I was given a ticket for this raffle with my purchase, so that added to the already-good atmosphere. The price, in total, was $12 for the tea and shake. Not outrageous, but not a price I would pay everyday.
The drinks were advertised to be very healthy, with shakes containing over 20 grams of protein and teas that burned calories while drinking them. The two items together were less than 400 calories, and I felt very healthy consuming them. I have never heard of anything like that before– it was a unique little spin to their product, making their price more understandable.
The tea was very different than what I was expecting, but I ended up loving it after awhile. It was tart, yet sweet at the same time, giving it a really nice contrast. I also tried the Pomegranate Green tea, and it tasted very much like Sprite. Although unique, both the teas and the shake exceeded my expectations. However, the shakes were not what I had expected. While they aren’t sugary shakes– they’re healthy ones– the Peppermint Oreo one tasted very chalky (assuming it was the protein in it). I did not finish it because I couldn’t get past the chalky taste. I also tried a Strawberry Banana Peanut Butter shake– the protein was not as potent in that one, making it more enjoyable.
Shores Nutrition is about a 15 minute drive from South, which isn’t too bad. Overall, despite the chalky nature of the shakes, the “burning-calories-while-you-drink-it” concept, unique flavors and friendly atmosphere made me walk out of there, enjoying my experience and willing to go back.

4.5 out of 5 stars