Tutorial debate: extra study time or obstacle to credits?

Ally Strehlke '22, Staff writer

Seven hours, seven classes. School is a full day of work, with little to no breaks. But taking a tutorial can offer at least 50 minutes of no stress from classes.
South counselor Aja Perales said she estimates 80 to 90 percent of students take a tutorial.
“I think tutorials are nice to have, because our students are busy and it just gives them that much more time to get questions answered, or get work done,” Perales said. “It’s also kind of a break in your day, which is nice.”
Anne Davey ’22 said her tutorial helps her get work done, and is a great source of extra time within the day, and provides a healthy balance between school and life outside of school.
“I used to struggle with time management, and being a student athlete, it’s helped me do my athletics and extracurriculars,” Davey said. “If I don’t have work to do, it gives me a really nice break from my class to take a breather and have a second before I go back to class.”
On the other side, Julia Hartnett ’21 has never taken a tutorial, and plans to keep it that way through graduation.
“I want to get as many credits as I can, and I see having a tutorial as an obstacle from
meeting that,” Hartnett said.
Davey said that having the flexibility in her schedule was helpful, especially with harder classes that challenge students more.
“It’s been helpful both years I’ve had one,” Davey said. “I take honors classes, which are a lot of work and give me tons of homework, so having a tutorial is a good time to get work done.”
Hartnett doesn’t disagree with taking tutorials, but thinks it’s up to the individual to decide if they have time in their schedule.
“If you need it, take it,” Hartnett said. “If you don’t, there are so many electives at South.”
Perales also said she believes tutorials are mostly used positively, as a way to help with time restraints.
“It builds in some time if you have to make up a test or quiz,” Perales said. “I think it teaches you about time management, trying to take a minute and regroup, and prioritize things you need to do.”